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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six Toes Fights The Spider

With spring now under way spiders are finding their way into my home, much to the entertainment of my cats.  Six Toes also discovered spiders.  Here's what happened:

I spotted a large daddy long legs spider in my bathtub.  So I thought, here's an opportunity for Six Toes and Buddha to see a spider and find out it's alive!  So I grabbed both kittens and put them in the tub.  Buddha was not interested in the spider.  In fact, he looked bored.  Six Toes, however, upon discovering the spider moving on its own, decided to play with it.  He stepped on it and attempted to pick it up.  The spider, being clever in defense, climbed up on Six Toes' head.  He looked up at me with crossed eyes, trying to see where the spider went.  The spider fell off and began to attempt to get away, but Six Toes wasn't having it.  Pursuing the spider, he stomped on it again, and it tried to climb back on Six Toes head for a rest.  Six Toes shook off the spider and promptly ate it. 

At least he got his protein for the day!