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Friday, June 10, 2011

Six Toes Flops Over...A Trip To The ER?

Last night was scary.  Really scary.  Over the past couple of days Six Toes has been battling a little kitty cold.  You know, sneezing, watery eyes, the occasional cough.  Other than that he seemed normal, eating and drinking as usual.  But last night something happened.

Six Toes was on a chair in the living room where he loves to take naps.  He got up, stretched himself and proceeded to jump down to the floor.  Once on the floor, he tripped over a shoe...and suddenly, his whole back end just fell over.  He looked kind of out of it and with his front feet walked forward a few steps, dragging his backside over the floor which was entirely motionless.  Then he started to slump down.  I hurriedly picked him up and felt his heart beating.  Worried, I started to call his name to see if he'd respond.  In my arms he seemed ok, so I put him back on the floor.  He walked away entirely nothing happened.  I spent the entire evening watching him like a hawk.  I'm still worried about it.  I wonder if I should have took my guy to the animal ER a few communities away.  I can't explain what I saw.  Was it a stroke?  A ear infection of some kind?  A flutter of his heart?  I just don't know.

I'm going to take him to the vet on Monday.  Just keep praying for him till then that it was just a fluke of some kind and he suffered no lasting damage...after all, he won't be one years old until July.  We love Six Toes dearly and want him to have a long life of fun and happiness. 

I love Six Toes!