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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soooo Cute I just Had To Share....

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Six Toes Checks Out

It looks like Six Toes is ok.  The vet can find nothing wrong with him.  The speculation is that he had a slight ear infection from his kitty cold and that may have affected his sense of balance for a moment.  He seemed pretty chipper yesterday, tearing around the house and playing with his pal Bully.  Fed him some turkey this morning and I thought he was going to have a big one hopping up and down in his eagerness to get to the plate!

Just a quick discussion on what a kitty cold is.  It's an upper respiratory infection.  Cats with a kitty cold sneeze, cough, have runny noses and eyes, drool and can have a fever.  From experience, I've learned that the best thing you can do for them is keep them quiet, wipe their eyes and nose clean with a damp cloth, and if they have a lot of problems with congestion to run a vaporizer in the room they're recovering in.   Watch your cat closely to ensure they keep eating and drinking.  If they start to have trouble breathing, make sure you get them to a vet, as kitty colds can become more serious and may require a stay at the animal hospital. 

Six Toes' brother Buddha is also on the mend from the kitty cold.  I think he was actually sicker than Six Toes.  He coughed and sneezed a lot and sat pretty still for a day or two.  Right now he's taking a snooze in my papasan chair...he loves his comforts. 

Six Toes is also sacked out for his morning nap on top of my folded fresh laundry.  How do cats sense when you've just cleaned something in order to seek it out and lie on it?  The cad!