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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smokin Hot Six Toes

Well, here in Michigan we didn't transition gracefully from winter to consequently, we've got temps in the 90's.  Poor Six Toes!  He and his brother Buddha have thick, short fur that keeps them warm and they've been suffering through this hot spell.  I give them ice cubes to play with (they LOVE that!) and get them wet when it's clear they're getting too warm (not too happy about that) to try to help them cope with the heat.  And of course with the heat, bug season is in full swing, so they have a terrific time at night hunting spiders, ants, beetles, june bugs, moths...whatever makes it into the house is instantly pursued, killed and sometimes eaten by my gang of ruthless cat hunters!

Buddha has taught his brother how to steal food recently.  Buddha is the most feral of all my cats and hasn't gotten over hunting for food and hiding it.  He loves bagels and the other morning I got one.  As I was reading the paper, I took a bite and set it down beside me.  When I looked up, the entire full-sized bagel was GONE and whom do you think had it in their jaws?  Buddha!  I managed to get it away from him despite his growls of ownership and proceeded to wash it off.  When I set it on the paper towel to dry, who do you think climbed up on the counter and stole it for his bro?  Six Toes!  What a group of rascals.

It's predicted the weather's going to cool off soon and I hope my babies can hold out that long.  I made a place for them to sleep in the cool basement...if I can just convince them to stay down there during the day, that might help a bit more.  Looks like it's going to be a scorcher for smokin hot Six Toes and Buddha this summer!