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Six Toes
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Six Toes' Good Life

Right now, Six Toes is a very happy kitty!  He feels special now that he gets a special treat every day to help him stay healthy, along with his medicine.  He's gotten a lot of attention and I swear his purrs are louder than ever!  It's great to see him so content, with his glossy fur and cute as a button smile.

We haven't seen the cardiologist yet, but the appointment is coming up.  I sure hope there's something they can do to help Six Toes stick around for several more years.  He's a great cat and so full of love.  I'm glad we rescued him and his brother!

He's enjoying the weather right's a little cool, but just right.  He's lying on a a comfy blanket near the window, dozing.  What an awesome life my little guy has!

Life is good!

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