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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Six Toes Nearly Does Himself In....

There's one thing you need to know about cats...they're sneaky.  Too sneaky.  Around here it's been hot, with temps in the high 90's and super-high humidity.  Not good weather for us humans and certainly sucky if you happen to be a cat.  Even worse if you're a cat with a bad heart. 

Yesterday, Six Toes decided to be man enough to go outside without us knowing about it.  Somehow, he snuck outside while we were doing something else and we didn't realize he was gone.  We heard him crying as he does when he gets himself stuck somewhere in the house...usually our cupboards in the kitchen.  So we started looking for him.  We searched and searched and couldn't figure out where he was....until we got to the front door.  There on the deck was Six Toes and he was breathing extremely hard.  It was clear he was way overheated. 

We grabbed him and quickly got him to the basement (it's cooler there) with a fan on him.  We gave him water.  We got wet towels to cool his neck and face.  All the while, he was panting, tongue way out, his breathing fast and shallow. 

My god.  He could have died from heatstroke or caused himself a heart attack!!!!

Sometimes, being too clever as a cat can kill.  I should have noticed he was gone way before he started crying.

Thank god he's okay today.  But it sure was scary.

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